Air Travel Is Not What It Used To Be

Sitting at the Orlando International airport, air travel is in a sorry state. I’m struck by the empty spaces peppering the ticketing counter, which under normal circumstances would have been packed with families vacationing to Disney World, and kids in mouse ears. I haven’t seen a single set of mouse ears yet. Earlier this year I did a lot of air travel. I think I flew four times in January while still mobilized and it was, normal. And fun (even when we missed a flight). I guess we’ll all get used to this.

Of course, a sparse showing at the airport is good for social distancing but bad for dollars flowing in and out of Orlando. But it’s weird. Many of the airport stores are closed except Hudson News. I did my lap in the store but didn’t feel compelled to spend 45 minutes browsing books and magazines like I usually would. I did pick up one book, though, Kevin Kwan’s latest Sex and Vanity. I read Crazy Rich Asians and enjoyed it, but this new book sounds similar. So, eh.

I woke up at 0500 this morning (okay, I woke up earlier but not on purpose) in a renewed attempt to get my tasks done before tending to the kids’ for the day, as usual. I’m trying to prepare for the school year, which I expect will look like it does right now, only there will be more work and more oversight required on my part. Virtual school means I’ll have less time for the stuff I want to do.

In trying to avoid dubbing 2020 the “Lost Year” for my kids, there will be no online journalism program for me, and no fall marathon or half marathon. So, this morning I budgeted my time in 20 minute chunks to read, do some tax stuff, and run a couple of miles. What did I learn? That things take longer than I expect. Go figure. Tomorrow I’ll try again, breaking tasks down further until I can start and finish something in 20 minutes because it’s pretty discouraging to quit doing something in the middle. I hate that. And little by little, in 20 minute chunks, I’ll reach the end of whatever writing or personal administration I had to do.

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