One Way Team Sports Are Gendered

In the U.S., team sports are a metaphor for real life. Amazon is a team. Lucas Films is a team. Even our presidential administration is a team. Each has its star players. Everyone on the team has a part to play. That’s one part of the metaphor.

The other part is the competition. Team sports require a head-on battle with another human for a ball or a pitch. In real life, it’s looking someone in the eye and making a pitch for money. Or votes. Or some other high-stakes thing.

We project these ideas onto our kids all the time. And football is the ultimate expression of the team sports metaphor. But people are slowly becoming more open-minded; boys don’t have to learn to hit and take a hit playing football, and girls are not limited to dance or cheer.

Keep going. Use sports to teach resilience, toughness, and teamwork. Play to kids’ strengths and work on areas for improvement regardless of gender. Every kid needs to learn how to be part of a team.

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