Five Awesome Science Fiction Tropes

In each genre, there are conventions that readers expect to find. Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, General Fiction, non-fiction, and the rest each have norms that define them. This information helps readers decide whether he or she might be interested in a book, and helps the storytelling along. So, there is both a marketing … Read moreFive Awesome Science Fiction Tropes

Dune: Then, Now, and Why it Holds Up

Before there was Game of Thrones or Star Wars, there was Dune. War and the power struggles of those who wage it have been central plot devices for millennia. War is as primal as sex and love. Now, take a world with a cosmic power struggle and add man-eating sandworms, a hostile desert planet, and an addictive magical substance, and … Read moreDune: Then, Now, and Why it Holds Up