Coronavirus Day 17- My Big Giant Boy

My Big Giant Boy Assembles a Lawn Mower

Today has flown by. I have barely had time to read or surf my social media apps or compulsively check my email and it’s already past 1600. Penny is at the dinner table watching a show on her iPad. Poppy is at her lookout spot at the top of the stairs. Whenever someone passes by with their dog, she’s like a barking IED exploding in the house. Nick is outside mowing the lawn.

We had our first day of online learning. For Nick, who is in fourth grade, his morning was spent video chatting with his teachers and classmates. I guess there was a lesson? I’m not really sure. When he’s on video chat he doesn’t want his embarrassing mom or dad around. Which is fine. I remember what this was like. Penelope’s online time was less structured. She’s in first grade, and her teacher is also trying to learn how to use Microsoft Teams. It an all-over-the-place check in. She also completed her worksheets so I feel like we exercised our brains today.

Oh. Every once in a while, when Nick does something young-man like, I exclaim that he’s my Big Giant Boy. I didn’t have brothers growing up, so the thought of having someone around with budding man-skills is compelling. For example, a few weeks ago I took the kids to the mall. We walked around and (of course) I didn’t pay attention to where we parked. No problem! Nick knew exactly how to get back to our car and led the way. My Big Giant Boy! And the other day, when we were putting away his futon after a sleep over, I couldn’t get the damn thing to fold again. I was scooting it all around his room. Have no fear! In two steps Nick put his clunky futon right again. My Big Giant Boy! And today, he noticed a manual push lawn mower that’s been sitting in its box in the garage forever. Nick assembled it and mowed the front and the back yard on his own. My Big Giant Boy!

Penny’s class online
Nick Assembles a Lawn Mower

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