Coronavirus Day 19- USS Theodore Roosevelt

Passing the time making random stuff

We’re bored of being bored today. At the time of this writing it’s 4:31pm and I feel like I’ve been idling around all day. This isn’t true of course. The kids each had school obligations this morning. I spent an hour with Penny teaching her how to count tens and ones saying things like, ‘See if you have 10 of something, it’s 1 ten, not 10 tens.’ I have no idea what Nick has going on for school. This morning he went up to his room, listened to his teacher on Zoom for 30 minutes and complained for another 30 minutes about having to do some reading comprehension assignment. I will have to confront him about this. Which I will do, later.

In Coronavirus news, the captain of a carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, was relieved after a letter he sent his chain of command leaked to the media. In the letter he pleaded his naval superiors to act amid a Coronavirus outbreak on the ship- 25 cases reported last Friday, now 100 cases. Obviously, a Coronavirus outbreak in a closed system like a ship is a very bad thing. I bet the crew and their families back home were freaking out. An investigation is most definitely underway.

I’m loosely reminded of the book The Caine Mutiny, which touches on the dynamics of ship life and the nature of the relationship between the ship’s captain and his crew, and the captain’s constant dilemma between war fighting readiness and crew morale. I wonder what will come of it all in the current situation. I hope the infected sailors make a smooth recovery.

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