Coronavirus Day 20- Elementary School On Zoom

The Spelling Test That Never Happened

Penny has been at her iPad for the past hour on Microsoft Teams waiting for her teacher to start a spelling test. This is time well spent in my book, with Penny on her iPad looking at a bunch of her young peers, all of them talking at the same time saying unintelligible things. Sometimes a real conversation gets going.

“Are you eating breakfast Penelope?” One girl asks.


“But isn’t it almost lunch time?”

“Yes. But I’m a night owl.”

Yesterday Nick’s teacher announced that today would be “Wear a Shirt to Class” day. Not “Wear Your Class Shirt” day, but wear any shirt day. I guess some boys logged onto the video chat not wearing shirts at all.

I woke up frustrated and complainy this morning for no good reason. Sometimes I have to will myself into being a real grown-up. It doesn’t just happen. Tomorrow I will attend a virtual drill since actual drill was canceled at my reserve unit. In normal life I look forward to drill because I like my unit, and because going to drill is when I rate to exit my role as the adult on-demand for at least 48 hours. As it is, I’m looking forward to my virtual drill because tomorrow, I will sit at my computer for eight hours where I will rate to be left alone and uninterrupted. I know, I know, I am so lucky. All that. But it does get old, living life in 20 minute increments. While writing this paragraph Penny came and yelled at me for not watering her plant. After lunch, I will do nothing but be available, on demand, and all will be better.

Chloe, trying very hard to fit in this Tupperware

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