Coronavirus Day 22- Virtual Drill

Penny, jumping on the couch

The kids are on the balcony up to something. I can hear them dragging around fold up tables and other furniture for a reason that is at best illogical (a pool party?). I’m at my spot on the front porch with Poppy. Steve is syncing a mini bluetooth speaker so we can listen to the first chapter of his audio book, Hawaii, by James A. Michener. I’m not familiar with anything James A. Michener, so this will be cool.

The weather today is nice, cool and overcast. It rained all day yesterday which made for a dreary, depressing day in social isolation. I sequestered myself all day for my virtual drill, and I now have empathy for Steve and everyone else who has to work with kids rattling around a short distance away. I had only one conference call during which I held a ten minute Q&A about my seven-month long, complicated mobilization. Sticking to just the wave tops proved hard to do. And it was at this moment when Penny decided to bang on the bathroom door where I was hiding to block out the noise.

Just like in normal life, in social isolation life we alternate good days with bad. Maybe after dinner we’ll play Monopoly Deal while listening to the Merle Haggard station. Which is exactly what we did last night, and earlier today. And I guess that’s just fine.

Poppy, sniffing the wind.

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