Coronavirus Day 23- Toilet Paper is a Big Deal

Fried egg challenge. Who made it better? (Answer: Nobody!)

The kids are in the backyard doing a campout challenge. A campout challenge is when Nick says, “Let’s do a campout!” And Penny says, “Okay!” And off they go to fashion something for a tent and assemble sleeping gear from around the house. At one point Nick was chopping bamboo with the gardening sheers.

“Do you guys want to hear about the time this guy I worked with had his thumb sliced off when he was a kid?”

“You already told us mom. They were playing cashier and the leaves were money and he got his thumb cut off.” Nick said.

No thumbs were lost today, but it did start raining after the kids had all their stuff laid out. But we’re outside again with our things a little moist, trying to exercise noise discipline while Steve is on an important call. I’ve had this vague sense of being behind all day. Homeschooling did not go so well last week. It’s been difficult supervising Nick and knowing what assignments are due. I also had a rushed call this morning with a financial planner (an appointment I scheduled before Covid). I guess there’s nothing like talking to a financial planner to make you feel a little behind on life.

In Coronavirus news, as I skimmed the front page of my physical copy of The Wall Street Journal (a real newspaper!), I found that every story had either the word “Coronavirus”, “pandemic”, “crisis”, or “Covid-19” somewhere in the body of the article. There’s an opinion piece today titled, Ode to American Toilet Paper. What a strange blip in time.

They’re spending the night here, supposedly.

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