Coronavirus Day 24- The USS Roosevelt Debacle

Miniature the Cat (Photo credit, Nicholas)

I think our cat Miniature is approaching the end. This morning I heard her caterwaul in the kitchen right before she threw up her breakfast. The throwing up, plus her weight loss and physical sensitivity leads me to believe one thing: chronic hairballs. Just kidding! Naturally, Nick wanted to snap some photos of her, pre-mortem, just before Googling, “how to adopt a kitten”. Documenting our geriatric pets is a thing we do. A couple of years ago I took some portraits of the kids with our previous cat, Lady. A month later, she died. Lady is survived by her portrait, still hanging in the living room.

Aside from the riveting news of my cat, I have nothing new to share. We’re still here, and still healthy. My kids have no doubt fallen behind academically. I was doing much better with my workbooks before formal homeschool started. With the workbooks we covered the same material (reading and math) without the added work of me trying to figure out what the assignment is, when it’s due, and how to turn it in. I have emailed the teachers today for clarification.

I have also been following the news of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft career that is now at port in Guam. At this point in the story, something like 200 sailors have tested positive for Coronavirus, a navy captain has been relieved of command, and the Acting Secretary of the Navy has resigned. The question still lingers: was the captain a martyr for standing up for his crew against “big navy” amidst a Coronavirus outbreak, or did he lack the resolve to command a carrier? I feel like this episode will set a precedent for where the line is drawn between troop welfare and mission accomplishment.

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