Coronavirus Day 28- Self Sabotage

Penny hearts Poppy

The Wall Street Journal just flashed across my phone this morning with the headline that New York City’s public school system will remain closed until September. SEPTEMBER. Welp, if you’re not settled into the Coronavirus reality yet, it’s time to get cozy because we’re going to be here for a while. As for us, my school district is not saying much. So I browsed over to the site to take a look and found that the Houston Independent School District is closed “until further notice.” I managed to find an actual date somewhere, tentatively May 4th. Enough said about that.

The idea of self-sabotage has been on my mind this morning. Self-sabotage sounds menacing and nefarious, almost like self-harm, but it really isn’t that bad. A quick search-and-click on Psychology Today finds that behavior is self-sabotaging when it creates problems in daily life that interfere with long-standing goals. While I do think it’s nauseating to be all, goals, goals, GOALS oriented in life, self-sabotage sucks. It’s sneaky. It’s me blogging every day when I should be revising my terrible novel so it’s less terrible. It’s me writing things that will later be held against me in the court of law of my life (and if I ever get a real job or go on orders again I will make all this content private thanks for reading). Self-sabotage is usually a sign that what you say you want and what you do is not in chiropractic alignment. Like I wrote about yesterday.

Steve and I are in the market for an automatic rifle. Ideally we would have had our household apocalypse-ready before the apocalypse, but when you find yourself in a stupid position because you procrastinated (another form of self-sabotage), you might as well come to terms with your dimwittedness and fix yourself as best you can.

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