Coronavirus Day 29-The Little Things

Impossible for me to look cool on a bike sorry

It’s late now, almost 10pm. I’m sitting with Penny in her bed watching My Little Pony on the iPad. I know. The bedtime routine has gone out the window.

We are all dreading tomorrow which is Monday, because it’s more of the same except with the added pressure of virtual work for Steve, and virtual school for the kids and I. Penny burst out crying tonight about how she doesn’t get to see her friends anymore. I know how she feels. I woke up this morning, too early, with a vague sense of despair. I got out of bed and went up to my office on the third floor. I worked on my manuscript and journaled and wrote some things that on second glance sound harsh and I guess that happens sometimes. Have I mentioned that my unit is mobilizing reservist to support efforts to fight Coronavirus? It’s crazy- a windfall maybe if, like so many people right now, your job is in a precarious spot.

Tonight we FaceTimed with my parents which was really nice. I need to video chat with people more often. My parents are well and in good spirits. My mom said that she had felt sad at times because since Coronavirus she’s not able to travel and see the people she loves, like my kids and my sister, and relatives in Colombia. We were in the middle of planning a vacation to Cartagena in celebration of her 60th birthday when this blew up. It’s funny how even the little events keep you going, like the kids going off to school, or baseball practice, and you don’t realize it until there’s nothing there. Now I look forward to the activity on my social media feeds. I just finished a good ebook and audio book and I’m missing looking forward to popping open my Kindle app. Funny now, how the things you barely notice in normal life can mean so much.

Poppy did something funny behind the camera

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