Coronavirus Day 33- My Big Giant Boy Saves the Day

Here I am, at my computer, coming up with clever things.
Photo credit: Nicholas

Since I’m tired of Coronavirus, I will relay this thing that happened just after lunch. When my Big Giant Boy came to the rescue.

We finished virtual school time and Nick asked for my phone so he could play Fortnite and FaceTime his friends.

“Sure,” I said, “but you owe me a mile. Then you can play all you want.”

I wanted to make sure he ran the whole thing so I decided to follow him on my bike. Then I had the idea to bring Poppy. Somehow, I would do all these things: run Poppy, run Nick, ride a bike.

Poppy cooperated for the first quarter-mile, pulling me along the trail at a consistent pace. It was great. I thought about those Alaskan sled-dogs and wondered if Poppy had some sled-dog pedigree. So there I was, gliding along as we approached the giant modern house under construction. Poppy made a hard stop and pulled me off my bike. I banged my knee. Several people stopped to ask if I was okay or needed help (“I’m okay!”). I told Nick to keep running while I got Poppy situated again, but she squeezed out of her collar and took off down the street. I went after her on foot and I felt really dumb that I didn’t think to chase her on my bike. Meanwhile, Poppy was having a great time.

I managed to corner Poppy between two houses a block away but still couldn’t catch her. At that point I thought I might lose my dog. I had a new number after all, and had not updated her microchip. Then I noticed someone coming to help; it was my Big Giant Boy! He had seen my abandoned bike on the trail, thought ‘gee some dumb person just left their bike,’ realized it was my bike, and rode to the rescue. Nick tackled Poppy as she tried to zip past him on the street and caught her. Phew!

So there it is, my Big Giant Boy came to the rescue to catch the family dog. Someday he will move large pieces of furniture with his dad which is cool. Otherwise, it’s just been another day in social isolation land.

#TBT Here’s Nick and I, circa 2011.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Day 33- My Big Giant Boy Saves the Day

  1. What an adventure you had today! Is your knee ok? I am proud of that Big Giant Boy of yours! Chasing after Poppy on the street is not exactly my idea of fun, and it’s even worse when Poppy is not really yours… I am talking about a similar “adventure” I had, minus the bike, when I was in Houston last fall. On the bright side, this really broke the corona-virus-mania monotony! I like the pictures… Once upon the time your Big Giant Boy was a tiny boy. I guess Penny missed the adventure.

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