Coronavirus Part 2, Day 17- Face Mask Drama

I’m sitting out front by the curb. There’s a nice breeze going and lots of shade since the sun is making its descent and not beating down like it was earlier. I’m out by the curb on a broken lawn chair that Penny managed to crack after throwing it in a fit. I have it set for the recycling to pick up.

I spent the better part of the day out shopping with Penny. Poppy, my beloved dog, the apple of my eye, dug a massive hole over the course of several months that I am finally sick of looking at. I’m not a fru-fru woman, but I don’t like manual labor. On my deployment I was glad to have a bunch of big guys on my team because there was always someone to handle my luggage. One of them would only have to twist my arm, and offer once. Check it out, I think my lawn is coming together.

Photo credit: Steve, from the comfort of his office.

On our way home from Lowes and Hobby Lobby, Penny and I stopped at Subway to pick up some lunch. Everyone was wearing face masks and social distancing and all that. I ordered us the Tuesday sub special and scooted along, when a lady behind me arrived at the counter. The sandwich artists asked her what kind of bread she wanted.

“I don’t want anything from you with your nose sticking out!” She left immediately.

“That lady didn’t have to be so dramatic,” said Penny.

The lady had been in line for a while, and obviously wanted to make a big deal about the fact that both sandwich artist had their noses sticking out from on top of their face masks.

Personally, I don’t get confrontational about these things. If they had been wearing no face mask I would have just left. But I’m not one of those people who makes formal complaints on people just trying to earn their hourly wage. Besides, they both wore glasses (which I have read get foggy with the face mask thing) and frankly I felt bad because this is all just so unfortunate that now, anyone in the business of handling food is going to get the third degree just for doing their job and handling food. I mean, let’s try and be reasonable? I don’t know…

Oh. Speaking of face masks. Here’s a picture of Penny and I at Hobby Lobby today. Our face masks were made by my mom and sent over from Florida a few weeks ago. It’s important to note that my mom has always enjoyed sewing things for the family.

Now, take a look at this picture from Disney World, circa 1992. Notice the print on my dress. Notice the print of my face mask.

It’s the same fabric. My mom assures me that my dress from 1992 is still in tact.

I knew that print looked familiar!

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