Coronavirus Part 2, Day 19- Drama in Florida

It’s the day before our Memorial Day weekend begins. Steve has off tomorrow and is not set to return to virtual work until Tuesday. I have therefore submitted my formal request to him to have a work-day for myself. My request went like this:

“Dearest, since you’re off tomorrow, I have stuff I’ve been needing to work on that I haven’t been able to do. So I’m going to be upstairs for a long time.” I said, frying an egg.

“Oh really? That means I need to find something to do with the kids,” Steve said, receiving said fried egg.

Little does he know that even though he is off tomorrow, the kids still have virtual school. I will make sure to mention this.

Cardinal. Backyard. Photo processing and over saturation credit: Penny

At the moment the sky is overcast (yay!) and the weather is comfortable. Poppy is sitting next to me sopping wet because Penny has decided to play with the hose. At one point she came up next to me shouting, “surprise sneak attack!” At which point I threw one of my own temper tantrums about, you know her being jerk getting me and my electronics wet. I mean really they show these hammy kids on the Disney Chanel pull pranks on adults and no one flips out? I’m glad to say no iPads or Canon EOS6D cameras were harmed today.

In other news there is drama in Florida (which seems to often be the case in Florida no matter what’s going on) around their reporting of the Coronavirus cases in the state. Of note it appears that the first states to move on ending lockdown restrictions mostly reside in the South, which is culturally interesting, and there’s speculation our major cities in the South will see a COVID resurgence.

I’ve been following bloggers in different parts of the world write about how the pandemic has played out in their areas. Restrictions appear very strict in South Africa (still a ban on tobacco and alcohol), and re-opening the economy has exposed fissures along white collar/blue collar class lines in the UK. In Ireland people are weary (and sometimes defiant) of the public health restrictions, as they are in many places at this point. Now it’s our turn. Maybe here soon, we’ll start to see what the Coronavirus crisis reveals about us.

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