Coronavirus Part 2, Day 21- Galveston

I’m sitting in the minivan with Steve and the kids, on our way back from Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island. It’s about 1.5 hours from my house with traffic. And there was a lot of traffic today. But we’re flying now, heading north on 45. The kids have their headphones in which means Steve and I get to listen to whatever we want. For this trip, it’s Pink Floyd’s The Wall and the whole thing is good.

Photo credit: Steve

I had purchased day passes to Galveston Island State Park for their beach access, but when we arrived the park ranger told us that their beach access was closed, and what I had purchased was access to their campsites and trails.

“It’s not on your website, that your beach access is closed,” I said.

“It is. It’s on the front page, in red at the top. Public beach access is about a quarter mile, but I think they’ve been turning people away.”

I always do this, miss some small, but big, detail. We found the public beach access and even though there were lots of beach patrolling cops, and lots of people on the beach, we had no trouble getting in.

For today, photographs.

Laughing Gull
Eastern brown pelican
In the distance, chemical refineries in Texas City.

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  1. Well, they will open the beaches some day. Let’s get that virus under control first. And then, life will will come back. (Haven’t filled the tank in over a month now…)
    Stay safe

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