Coronavirus Part 2, Day 32- Fuller House

Penny and Poppy

Penny is outside crying on the front porch looking for her lost tooth. It had started to rain this afternoon so she and I grabbed the umbrella and went for a walk down the street. When we returned to the porch and resumed binge watching Fuller House, Penny’s tooth fell out. This was exciting and she was happy. Then for some reason she threw her tooth into the gravel and I was amazed when she walked right over, found it, and came back to her seat. Then she threw it again. Now it’s lost. I told her the tooth fairy is still good for it.

“But you’re the tooth fairy!” Penny said.

“I know. And I saw your tooth. So you’re good.”

She’s over it now, which is good because the tooth is gone forever.

If you haven’t watched any of the Netflix reboot of Full House you should. When I first heard they were rebooting it I rolled my eyes and went on with folding the laundry. Nick was the first to get into it, and after passing by the television as the pilot episode was playing one afternoon, I was hooked. Well, not hooked. See it’s not that type of show, the type that we’re used to now where the episodes build off one another. Fuller House is just like Full House, in that each episode is a stand-alone. You know, a sitcom. Remember those?

So Penny and I were watching Fuller House and it’s such a nice premise, that DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler all reunite to build their lives together, and co-raise their kids and hilarity ensues! Perhaps this is what I’m in search of, this little pseudo family commune in one of the most desirable places to live (San Francisco) where everyone is home all the time and there’s a revolving door of friends and neighbors and activity and there are always fresh flowers. In the Fuller House world there is never talk of coming up with the money to pay for San Francisco property taxes, or navigating public school, or sleep training a toddler. Of note, DJ is a widow to a firefighter who was survived by her and their three kids. Kimmy Gibbler is a divorcee. These weighty issues don’t appear to be sore subjects in the least.

I know. Fuller House (or Full House for that matter) is not reality. But I grew up in the 90’s watching hours of television too. Hours spent watching this show, and a dozen other shows like this. It’s not too far a reach to think that maybe I have ideas of what life at this stage is supposed to look like based on these shows. And today, as my kids watch hours of television and play hours of Fortnite because there’s nothing else to do and no one to see, I can’t help but wonder what they’re going to make of all.

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