Coronavirus Part 2, Day 33- Time Management


Today at H-E-B Penny and I went shopping for eggs and popsicles and a few other things I can’t remember. We’re in the habit of wearing our masks now, the hand sanitizer thing takes a little more intentional remembering but that’s much improved as well. The one thing I haven’t gotten into is the six-feet apart thing. It’s difficult in the grocery store when everyone seems to be standing around in the bread aisle at the same time. Maybe some social distancing things will stick, and other things won’t.

We’re in the middle of orchestrating a move to Orlando, which is a big deal because we have a lot of things to unwind in Houston. I talked to a realtor today who gave me some pretty good scoop: Orange County Public Schools are in discussions for a 50/50 model when school starts up in August, meaning that half the students will do mornings while the other half will do afternoons. Something like that.

Since a return to normal school doesn’t seem likely, what’s a writer/military officer mom to do?

I have decided to become ruthless with my time. I purchased this Cognitive Behavior Therapy book, and although it’s designed for people suffering from anxiety and depression (which thankfully I am not at the moment) there are a lot of good life skills in CBT. There’s an entire section devoted to time management. One of the most useful insights for me has been the idea to break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable bits. I know this sounds obvious, and sometimes it is for me (like when I made a schedule for my novel) and sometimes it’s not (like when I pack up my house). There’s also prioritizing activities. I just jettisoned plans to do a destination half-marathon with a friend because I flat out won’t have the bandwidth to prepare and make it fun. We’re all wired a little differently, so reviewing this kind of stuff is not a bad idea.

Another hack I just learned is reviewing screen time metrics on my devices. If you ever want to know where your time goes, just look at your screen time metrics and you might be appalled to find that you spend an average of 2 hours on Instagram a day! I don’t, but a little bird told me about someone who does. Or did, until she saw her stats.

So, time management is a lot of fun. Now it’s time for my family Bible study on Zoom.

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