On Catching Up with Friends

My neighborhood Ready Pet clinic is busy today. I came in earlier hoping I could do a walk-in with my cats, but they had nothing available until now which means that today my cats have had the misfortune of two round trip car-rides to the vet instead of one. My elderly cat, Minnie, hissed and spat when I put her in her carrier the second time. Poor her. Coming from a family that likes pets in theory (but not in reality), it occurs to me to wonder why I continue to own pets. I suppose I like to care for them and dote on them somewhat. I mean geez, here I am writing about them. My pets also amuse me. Even so, I’m not very hopeful for the 14-hour car ride to Florida with my animals.

Since I’m in transition, I have not had much brain space for writing. I feel like I’m falling behind on all my projects. BUT! I’m reminding myself to, be cool (“Be cool, honey bunny.” Pulp Fiction, anyone?). I will hit the resume button once I arrive to my final destination. Angst is such a waste of time.

I have also come to the conclusion that the best, most fun thing ever in life is to be connected with other people. To exist in isolation, is the worst. This sage bit of wisdom came to me after a text conversation with my sister. She and my mom have managed to keep many friends from different seasons of life, going all the way back to elementary school. I just left my reserve unit and, thanks to COVID, I didn’t have the chance to see anyone to say goodbye. My last drill was May 2019, only I didn’t know it was going to be my last drill. So, how does one keep in touch with people when there are so many other things competing for our time?

My sister explained how she makes special trips to see her friends, and shares and comments on life things and common interests on Instagram. All this in an effort to create new memories to talk about things beyond, “this is the last thing that happened to me since I saw you two years ago.” I guess when keeping in touch is all “catching up”, relationships grows stale until you eventually you become strangers. Bummer. This doesn’t answer the question on how to find the time, but if it’s a matter of creating new memories, even if it online, that doesn’t seem that hard to do.


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