Sources of Inspiration

It dawned on me that this might be the first time, ever, that my kids are away and Steve and I are totally, 100% at peace about it. At present, the kids are at Camp Grandma and Grandpa, and though I feel like we must have done this at some point before, I don’t think we have. That’s because this might be the first time that both my kids have out grown certain (annoying) behaviors and we’re finally tipping the scales of joy versus pain in the right direction.

Consequently, back home, Steve and I have instantly become friends again. Not that we’re generally not friends, but we’ve become friends in the sense that while I was out running errands, I stopped at the tea place and brought home two boba teas for no reason. Since my dog is with a dog sitter and it’s just our two cats and us, I joked and said,

“It’s just like when we started out. Just me and you and two cats.”

For dinner, we each made whatever we felt like eating and met at the dinner table. We didn’t talk about finances or jobs or what to do about our very fun, but very low-utility BMW convertible (I had to ride with the top down today just to bring home some moving boxes). Instead, we talked about Billie Eilish. I had felt vaguely inspired after listening to her music for a few hours while I packed the third floor.

“I wanted to read an interview of hers and found one from Vogue. It was disappointing, though. She’s so young. I don’t think she has any idea how she does what she does.”

So we talked about Billie Eilish, and inspiration, and how Eilish probably has some acute sense for the things that inspire her to create her unique style. Maybe a specific color or a sound will do it. I find it interesting that since she’s a kid, she doesn’t (can’t?) articulate her process. Maybe that takes maturity. Steve and I concluded that people get inspired to do all sorts of things, artistic or business, personal or otherwise, and that people are inspired to do something not for a reward, but for the sake of doing the thing itself.

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