To be Happy is to be Productive

Penny and I journeyed back from our trip to San Antonio this afternoon. While I’m glad we made the trek out to see my friend J, I’m dismayed about the inevitable second Coronavirus wave about to crash. The news today is not promising. The barefaced people walking around the Buc-ee’s gas station store today was not a good sign. And I’m mentally preparing myself for when the schools finally announce that the 2020-2021 school year will be in part, if not completely, virtual.

Amidst all the disheartening events this year, like many people, I too have been trying to stay positive. Happy. Sane. To say that COVID has brought with it many disappointments is an understatement. Until recently, I had viewed my capacity for the different things going on as something to be actively managed. Like a bathtub filling to the brim, when things became too much, I’d show up with my bucket and start pitching water to keep the tub from overflowing. Pitching the non-essential things of life is one way to keep things on an even keel, but it’s an uninspiring survival move.

Penny at Riverwalk.

I read this great article on resilience which says:

“The most resilient among us are people who generally don’t dwell on the negative, who look for opportunities that might exist even in the darkest times. During a quarantine, for example, a resilient person might decide it is a good time to start a meditation practice, take an online course or learn to play guitar.”

It occurred to me that instead or focusing on pitching water, a more inspiring tactic is to press harder on the things that bring joy. Cutting the activities one looks forward to, however extraneous or non-essential, might free up some time or brain space, but could leave you with a little less pep for life. And without that spark, it’s hard to be productive and creative. Those little bursts of joy, however extraneous, might be the life support you need to keep motivated and moving forward, especially with COVID hanging around.

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  1. Staying positive is key to productivity and more importantly, to me, to happiness. There is always a positive side to everthing, although sometimes it is hard to find, but it’s there as tiny as it may be. This as a good point to consider every morning, more so now that we have to cope with all of these inconveniences brought by coronavirus.
    My Pennylu is as lovely as ever in this picture. Nice pics by Penny the photographer. I am glad you had the outing to San Antonio and took advantage of the opportunity to see your friend

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