What I Didn’t Love About Wonder Woman 1984

Today has been a textbook Lazy Saturday. We intentionally did not plan any outings this weekend because everyone in this house has Monday morning already in mind. Well, not my kids. They don’t start school until Tuesday.

I, for one, am looking forward to getting back to reality. The state of everyone at home over the holidays gives me whiplash from the early days of Covid quarantine. I remember when I received the first text message from the school district announcing that all children would go on spring break but would not return to school until March 30th. I was at my son’s baseball game. It was crushing news to me and the parents all around me. Little did we know…

But! This holiday was nothing like those long days last spring. We have had an epic time camping and going to theme parks, despite not getting the extended family together. There have also been movies.

Screenshot scene from Winter Soldier. Credit: https://youtu.be/k7gyO7onbn8

Last week, my family did what many families with an HBO Max subscription did: we gathered around the TV set and watched Wonder Woman 1984. I did not like it for several reasons. My mom and I discussed it at length over breakfast the next morning. I waxed philosophical over plot holes and story inconsistencies. Then, mom stated the obvious.

“I don’t understand why they had to present her as being so glamorous. She looked great, but?”

Husband agreed. He made the point that Captain America and Black Widow don’t trek around town in high fashion when they’re not wearing superhero tights.

In all DC’s efforts to present Diana Prince as the singular female superhero icon, they got something wrong: they made Gal Gadot’s beauty central to Wonder Woman, to the point of being distracting. How about some jeans next time? A hoodie? Or maybe a leather jacket if she must. We don’t need another aspirationally hot female role model who makes me question my lack of silk pajamas.

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