Why You Should Learn Something New, Even If It’s Dumb

I am trying desperately to listen to Rupi Kaur’s writing workshop on Instagram. She posted it this afternoon. This weekend, I also downloaded Coursera to follow a course titled “International Women’s Health and Human Rights.” I fell asleep last night listening to an interview. I will muddle through the course content. I ordered the textbook on Amazon.

I’m looking forward to browsing the book, cherry-picking the chapters I will read. Most of all, I look forward to the table of contents.

The Wall Street Journal weekend paper had an article in there titled, You’re Never Too Old To Become a Beginner. The author talks about juggling and triathlons and research experiments that showed five-year-olds do better than adults at certain tasks because children are the most fearless of all when it comes to failure. Learning new stuff is good for your brain. Plus it makes you feel cool. I was inspired to resume my attempt at learning to do the splits. P has since abandoned it. It was her idea to begin with, but whatever!

So tonight, I will sit around trying to make myself more flexible, listening to the lecture I fell asleep to last night, or maybe watching Rupi Kaur’s Insta video. You’re never too old, or too approaching middle-age, to learn something new.

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