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The Chute #Flashfiction

“Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.” Joab stood at the end of the field on top of a wildflowers patch. Mount Shasta loomed in the distance behind him, grand in its snow-capped beauty, an allegory of the universe and an intelligent design greater and more powerful than any one being, […]

What To Really Expect On Dooms-Day

There’s an almost giddy excitement going on in preparation for… I don’t know what exactly. Between a coronavirus resurgence and inauguration woes, I think people everywhere are paying close attention to the news. Some are prepping. For my immediate universe, I’m not concerned. All of us the world over did apocalypse planning last year when […]

The Etch-A-Sketch #flashfiction

Elizabeth is an Etch-A-Sketch artist. She discovered the Etch-A-Sketch at a boutique toy store called Retro Fun. She used to walk her neighborhood street in search of places to sketch. One day, she drew the New Orleans style house on the corner. The next, she drew the abandoned cottage that took in three feet of […]

How The Narrative Fallacy is Screwing Us

It’s a little chilly at soccer practice tonight. I’m glad to be here and out of the house for a little bit. We usually listen to music on the drive, and since I was in the mood for only something funny and light, we listened to Tiko’s Fishy Song and other Fortnite inspired Diss tracks. […]


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