The Alexander Hamilton Universe

I’m giddy at the fact that tomorrow on July 3rd, Disney + is going to premier Hamilton as a live stage production recording with all the original cast. You can view the trailer here. I was lucky enough to see it live in 2018 when it came through Houston. The tickets were crazy expensive. Astronomical, really. If I remember correctly, for Nick and I to go was somewhere around $500. He was eight! BUT, when I asked what he wanted for his birthday, he wanted to see Hamilton. How could I deny? Plus, he needed someone to take him.

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How Our Brain Processes Written Words

I watched Abbiee Emmons’ YouTube video about narrative pacing the other day (she has a lot of great writing tips on her channel), in which she explains how the rate at which your brain processes each written word affects the pace of your writing. This is because while reading, your conscious mind takes in each bit of information one word at a time. How we experience written information is much different from how we experience visual information in daily life.

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