The Blade Runner movie is based on a novel with the odd title, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? This novel started the franchise with the original 1982 movie staring Harrison Ford, and more recently, Blade Runner 2049, produced in 2017 staring Ryan Gosling.

The original novel is something of a distant cousin to both of the science fiction movies. Still, it’s worth reading the original novel and watching both movies. The tone of the novel complements the incredible cyber-punk aesthetic that Ridley Scott created for the film which is interesting to compare in my humble opinion. Plus, this is another opportunity for a book-to-movie combo experience. This is always a good time, even if the adaptation sucks, which in this case it does not.

Here’s an excerpt of my full review

After Philip K. Dick published Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in 1968, the novel quickly attracted the attention of Hollywood filmmakers. Martin Scorsese was interested before the project landed with Ridley Scott, who had just left the production of another major science-fiction franchise: Dune.

While one can only guess what a Scorsese adaptation might have looked like, Scott’s Blade Runnerbecame one of the most genre-defining science-fiction films ever produced. Read more @ Coffee or Die


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