What One Australian Professor Says About Idealogy and Women’s Issues in America

We just finished watching the Fortnite item shop video on YouTube. It’s a nightly review of everything new available for purchase on Fortnite.

That Fortnite is a free game is a moot point. Because for all the “skins” (avatars) and “emotes” (dances) to buy, Fortnite is the most expensive game we could be into right now.

This afternoon I listened to an interview on Coursera about women’s health and human rights. The lady talking on the video was Helen Stacy, a Stanford professor.

There is a treaty called (brace for it) the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Or CEDAW.

A bunch of nations are signatories to the treaty. The United States is not one of them. One reason is sovereignty, which means that the United States is VERY particular about who gets to tell us what to do. Which we would say, is nobody.

Then Ms. Helen Stacy (who is Australian) goes on to say the following.

I’m not making a political comment. Nor do I disagree. All I’m saying is it’s fascinating to hear what an Australian academic has to say about American culture when it comes to family norms, women’s issues, and our politics.

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